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Internationalization GearHead-1, and Japanese Message Data


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Internationalization GearHead-1 on SDL & ASCII for almost all OSs

               Alpha-Zero version   : Sun,03 Aug,2008
               Alpha-One version    : 1st of Wed,06 Aug,2008
               Alpha-Two revocation : Sat,27 Sep,2008
               Alpha-Two version    : Sat,04 Oct,2008
               Beta version         : Sat,08 Nov,2008 Binary & Fri,07 Nov,2008 Message Data(ENG) / Fri,28 Nov,2008 Message Data(JP)
               Beta-Two version     : Second on Thu,08 Jan,2009
               Current version      : Done. (Thu,29 Oct,2009)
               Pre version          : Done.
               Stable version       : Done. (Sun,06 Dec,2009)
Now ->       : Newest version       : Mon,13 Aug,2012

Introductions and Features of I18N version

  • I18N version arose based on Origial GearHead-1(English version), Japanese GearHead shimitei version, Japanese GearHead l0ugh version and Japanese Spoilers Team version.
  • Support many languages and encodings, ASCII/ISO-646 (Engligh), EUC-JP (Japanese), EUC-KR (Korea), EUC-CN (Chinese), EUC-TW (Chinese, Taiwan), UTF-8 (So many languages), ShiftJIS (Japanese), CP932 (Japanese), ISO8859-1 to -16 (Some Europian languages), koi8-r/u (Some Cyrillic languages), tis620 (Thai)(Combining Character is not supported.), and so on.
  • "Languages written from the right to the left (bidi RTL)" (Arabic, Hebrew, Near Ancient Japanese, et al.) are supported.   "Combining Character" (Devanagri, Thai, Japanese, et al.) are not completely supported. But "Precomposed Character" are supported.   "Languages written from the up to the down" (Mongolian, Another style of Chinese/Japanese/Korean, et al.) are not supported.
  • Support many OS, FreeBSD(i386 and amd64), GNU/Linux(i686), MS-Windows(32bit(x86) edition).   GNU/Linux(amd64), MS-Windows(64bit(amd64) edition), Macintosh, Mac OS X, Solaris, SunOS and Android are not tested because I have no such computers.
  • So many petty bugs were corrected, thanks to members of BBS for Japanese GearHead on SHI-TA-RA-BA.
  • Codes for inspecting errors and avoiding crashes were added.
  • Bugs of improper memory access were corrected.
  • Many useful functions were added.
  • Various screen size were supported. On ASCII, sizes from 80x25 to over 90x50 were supported. On SDL, sizes from 640x480 to over 1600x1200 were supported, of course you can use irregularity sizes, such as 800x480, 1024x600, 1400x1050 and so on.
  • Various cheat functions were added.
  • The caliber function was backported from GearHead-2.

Get the Binary Packages

  • The binary programs of I18N GearHead-1 support all languages, but we have only two data sets, for English and for Japanese. If you want other languages, please translate message & series data set by yourselves.
  • Choice a language.
    • GearHead1-I18N.data.jp.zip
      Release: Wed,21 Jun,2017   Size: 2MiB
      Japanese message & series data on SDL & ASCII for I18N GearHead-1.
    • GearHead1-I18N.data.eng.zip
      Release: Wed,14 Jun,2017   Size: 1MiB
      English message & series data on SDL & ASCII for I18N GearHead-1.

  • Choice image types, only for SDL.
  • Choice a OS.
    • GearHead1-I18N.bin.MSWin32.zip
      Release: Sat,08 Jul,2017   Size: 7MiB
      I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for MS-Windows(WIN32) for all languages.
    • GearHead1-I18N.bin.FreeBSD_amd64.zip
      Release: Sat,08 Jul,2017   Size: 5MiB
      I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE/amd64 for all languages.
    • GearHead1-I18N.bin.Linux_amd64.zip
      Release: Sat,08 Jul,2017   Size: 5MiB
      I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for GNU/Linux/amd64 for all languages.
    • I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for Mac OS X(Intel)
      WANTED : Tester.
    • I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for iPad
      WANTED : Tester.
    • I18N GearHead-1 binary programs on SDL & ASCII for Android(ARM)
      WANTED : Tester.
  • Mirror server is here : OSDN - Internationalization GearHead-1

How to Play It:

  • Please write descriptions, instead of me. I'm so tired.

Notes And Notices:

  • If you use Japanese, Korea, Chinese or Chinese-TW, I recommend to use EUC-JP/KR/CN/TW.
  • The version of "for FreeBSD" was tested on FreeBSD/amd64 10-CURRENT.
  • The version of "for GNU/Linux" was tested on Debian GNU/Linux/amd64.
  • The version of "for MS-Windows(WIN32)" was tested on Wine 1.4 and MS-Windows 2000 on VirtualBox 4.1.x in FreeBSD/amd64 10-CURRENT.

Get the Source-code


  • Please translate descriptions from Japanese, instead of me. I'm so tired.

Thanks to, Credits and License

GearHead: Arena is distributed under the terms of the LGPL. See "license.txt" for more details.
GearHead: Arena, a roguelike mecha CRPG, Copyright (C) 2005 Joseph Hewitt

Joseph Hewitt, original developer of GearHead, and cooperators.

shimitei, initiator of Japanese GearHead, and cooperators.

l0ugh, core developer and core translator and core maintainer of Japanese GearHead ASCII version, and cooperators: No.422, No.912, +7boomerang, Ago, Fin., shimo, Alba and et al.

No.422 at GearHead-2nd-thread on @-Nest in SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, developer of High-Speed-Displayed ASCII version of Japanese GearHead for MS-Windows-JP-Edition. And cooperators.

No.937 at GearHead-4th-thread on @-Nest in SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, developer of Japanese GearHead SDL version, and cooperators.

A Manager of spoilers for Japanese GearHead, and cooperators.

Members of BBS for Japanese GearHead on SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, and anonymous cooperator.

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